Peace Corps Reunion Recap!

Attendees travelled from around the country to be present for our Peace Corps reunion at Majors Estate. This group was the first to serve in Indonesia in 1963-1965. With over 50 years since they last saw each other, their time apart didn’t seem to faze them as conversations flowed at ease immediately with attendees. With welcomed hugs, shared laughter and warm smiles, our attendees felt right at home.

Events were planned for Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the day and evening, ranging from a welcomed dinner, informal speeches, luncheons and a farewell barbecue cookout. Attendees spent most of their time in Bar America, a three-story venue that sits on one of the properties mountaintop areas. At this venue, attendees spent time catching up on their personal experiences from their time in Indonesia and their lives since leaving the Peace Corps.

Each attendee had the opportunity to speak to the group on their most memorable times spent in the Peace Corps.

The attendees had a great time reuniting with one another and catching up on old times. The staff at Majors Estate truly outdid themselves and made this weekend memorable for everyone who was able to attend.

A special thank you to Norm and Shirley Majors for proposing the reunion and their contribution to making it a special event for all.

If you attended the event, please add a comment or reflection below. Thank you to all who attended!

  1. Mr. Don Wukasch

  2. Mrs. Linda Wukasch

  3. Mr. Bob Dakon

  4. Mrs. Maya Dakon

  5. Mr. Alex Shakow

  6. Mrs. Pat Shakow

  7. Mr. John Second

  8. Mrs. Juliet Second

  9. Mr. Jim Noonan

  10. Mr. Paul Burghdorf

  11. Mrs. Marilyn Burghdorf

  12. Mr. Vic Godfrey

  13. Mrs. Ruth Godfrey

  14. Mr. Jordan Safine

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