Reverend Susie Greene is Helping Couples Turn a Wedding Day into a Lasting Memory.

For over 12 years, Reverend Susie Greene has been helping couples turn a wedding day into a special and lasting memory. When she first started in this business, she had hopes that maybe, one day, she could do well enough to do it full time.

This dream came true this last year, as she began focusing more on elopements and working closely with couples to accommodate their needs… and their budgets! Happy day!

"I am delighted to be in partnership with Majors Estate! I have met hundreds of couples over the past few years who wanted beautiful, natural surroundings, and a feeling of a complete wedding, but they didn’t want to stress about anything or go into debt. Your ceremony can still be beautiful, complete with romance and the perfect setting. An elopement will enable you to make your own choices, on your own terms… without spending on average of $30,000!"

With sincerity, enthusiasm and genuine love for her work, Reverend Susie Greene will create a unique and loving ceremony, focusing on your individual beliefs and how you wish to express your love.

She has brought together many couples from diverse backgrounds and families of different beliefs, and has found that a ceremony can be presented in a way that satisfies the couple and their families, and most importantly, everyone leaves with a sense of love.

Contact us today to meet with Reverend Susie Greene to discuss how she can help you with your special day.

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