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Susan Marlan was ordained and legally registered in 1989 to officiate marriage ceremonies throughout the United States. She has officiated thousands of religious, civil, traditional, same-sex and interdenominational ceremonies for couples of all faiths and lifestyles from all over the world. That's more than 28 years of doing what she loves to do!

Each ceremony is heartfelt and elegant. However, no two ceremonies are alike! Each ceremony is uniquely created, completely reflective of yourselves, your relationship, your beliefs. Each couple has their own particular magic. Susan seeks to find what that magic is and conveys it back to you and to all those present. In spending time getting to know you, Susan can then speak to your hearts, your souls. In this way, your ceremony shall remain alive within you, resonating throughout your married lives.

For more information about Susan Marlan, please contact her at 828-891-6323.

BeLoved Ceremony

Couples referred to her are in the hands of a poised, experienced professional who truly cares about their happiness and satisfaction. Each ceremony she compose is romantic and heartwarming, as creative or traditional as you wish. Each ceremony she officiate is steeped in romance and sincerity and delivered with eloquence; always complimented by my professional and personal attention to every detail. Your love and relationship will shine through while reflecting your beliefs and traditions.

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