Bring on the Aisle and the Alter!

Majors Estate

Wedding planning can be considered some serious cardio. There are over a hundred components that need to be chosen in a small-time period to make your day special.

From flowers to music, it can all be very overwhelming. One of the components that do not need to be overwhelming is choosing the location. Majors Estate is an idyllic private mountain ranch. It is perfect for the couple that is wanting to give their guests a memorable experience surrounding them with the charming lush elegance that North Carolina has to offer!

There are numerous reasons why Majors Estate is an impeccable location to have your wedding. With an exclusive 200 plus acres, Majors Estate offers multiple ceremony

locations. Some of them include areas in the beautiful outdoors or in our the on-site Wedding Chapel. Majors Estate offers an ease of booking due to the fact that everything is located in one area. There is a multitude of picturesque locations such as riverfront views, serene walking trails, or even the hand-crafted outdoor gazebo overlooking the mountain views. Other amenities include on-site lodging for over 25 guests, along with our newly developed Riverside Cabin that is perfect for the bride and groom. This location in North Carolina cannot be more superb. The rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, and after-party can all be done on one piece of land. We take the ease out of the location planning.

Majors Estate is always keeping up with the constantly changing wedding trends. Outdoor and rustic vibes are popular choices for this Fall, as well as wooden barns and the fresh earthy smells! Cocktails as escort cards also seem to be the amusing and lively trend of the season. Guests greeted with a special shot of the bride and groom’s choice can make an exciting entrance to get the celebration started.

Whether you envision a more rustic or classic wedding, Majors Estate is here to make all of your dreams come true. Come to Majors Estate and say ‘I do’ with a view!

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