Not Your Typical Corporate Event!

When planning a corporate retreat, it can be difficult to satisfy all employee’s needs. Majors Estate is not your typical venue. We strive to offer a special and rare experience that is completely superior when compared to the typical hotel that is often used for office retreats.

When staying at Majors Estate, guests are captivated by the beautiful outdoors. With the scenic view of the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful Pigeon River, everyone on the trip will be entranced by what we have to offer. Majors Estate has exquisite views along with praiseworthy amenities. In order to properly execute your corporate retreat, we offer versatile meeting spaces, internet service, and flexible common areas.

Majors Estate also has multiple areas for relaxation and fun. Located on our property, we have a three-story entertainment venue. This is known as Bar America, which is filled with historic features, iconic pop art and rustic wood elements that give the three-story venue a one-of-a-kind feel. Bar America is a perfect place for private meetings or even a place for everyone to wind down. Majors Estate also has multiple walking trails, a giant chess set, lighted tennis court, golf putting green, and a basketball court.

Along with all of the on-site activities that Majors Estate has to offer, there are multiple off-site activities that can foster teamwork and bonding. The Dupont State Forest offers horseback riding and mountain biking. Chimney Rock Park offers rock climbing and hiking. No matter what you’re looking for, Majors Estate can offer exactly what you need.

Majors Estate is the perfect retreat when choosing a location that is unique. There are multiple cabins to suit all guests comfortably. We offer various attractions so no one will ever be unamused. Give us a try next time you book your corporate retreat!

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