Winter Wonderland

There is nothing more romantic than a white wedding. The snowy backdrop of the mountains is the perfect scenery for not only breathtaking views, but also breathtaking photos. Majors Estate is the ideal location for a winter wedding.

Majors Estate is surrounded by mountains and other beautiful scenery that enhances the ambiance of your special day. The frosted mountains on a cool winters day make for a very special view.

Hosting a wedding in the winter time also calls for elegant colors and in season flowers. Shades of grays, reds, and greens are highlights of the winter wedding season. These shades compliment the snowy hills by adding a stunning pop of color. Flowers such as roses and gardenias are some of the flowers that are in season.

Majors Estate gives the perfect ambiance to your winter white wedding. With beautiful log cabins and an extraordinary chapel, Majors Estate can execute your ideal wedding.

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