Exciting Finds Around the Estate

One unique feature that Majors Estate has to offer is all of the farm animals that are located on the property. This makes Majors Estate an enjoyable and entertaining location to host your next family vacation

We have a variety of livestock and farm animals that gives the property unique surroundings. Some of the animals that are located on our property include alpaca, sheep, yaks, horses, a variety of birds, and much more! The private petting zoo offers a variety of kid-friendly farm animals for viewing, petting, and feeding. This extraordinary attraction is amusing for all ages.

Majors Estate is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. This means we provide the four basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and places to raise young. All of our animals are entirely cared for by our onsite property managers.

All of the animals on our property are gentle and loving animals that are always excited to meet our guests. Whether you want to have agetaway with your family or a corporate retreat, our private petting zoo adds a special touch to your memorable event.

Along with the charming wooden cabins, the private petting zoo, the exquisite chapel, and the beautiful look-out spots located all over Majors Estate, this is a memorable location for your next family vacation. We have everything that you are looking for. Talk to one of our property managers today to see how we can create a memorabletrip for you!

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