Planning Ahead for the Big Day

There are so many details to plan on your wedding day; food, decorations, invitations, and music are only a few of the details a couple must plan for. A detailed timeline of event schedules are especially important to have for your wedding day. Pre-planning ahead of time is essential to make sure your special day runs smoothly.

When planning the events for the day, make sure you take into account everyone in your bridal party. This means having plenty of food and water for both you and your bridesmaids. It is a fairly good idea to preorder food so no one is running around the day of to gather snacks. Small gifts are also a great idea to give everyone in your bridal party. Gifting a robe to each of the ladies in your bridal partyis considered a thoughtful and fun gift!

A spacious bridal room is also an important factor to take into consideration. The cabins on our property provide plenty of space for both bridal parties to get ready in.

Majors Estate is the perfect place to host your wedding. We have all of the necessary accommodations needed for your big day. What makes our location unique is that everything that is needed for your big day is on site! We have a chapel, reception area, and plenty of cabins for a place for all of your guests to stay and enjoy. The breathtaking views all around our estate also make for perfect photos of your special day.

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