A Town Full of Surprises

Aside from being a large acre estate with magnificent cabins with a variety of activities located on the property, Majors Estate is located in a town full of surprises. Clyde, North Carolina is a small town filled with a vast amount of history.

Clyde was founded in 1877. The town first started with the name “Lower Pigeon” due to being located right on the Pigeon River. Although no one is sure how exactly the town of Clyde received its name, it has sure given itself quite a reputation over the decades.

Clyde is known to be home to an abundance of wildlife. This town is surrounded by national parks that are covered by vast forests and rivers. There is a multitude of different hiking trails located throughout the town and even located at Majors Estate. The Pigeon River flows through Clyde and alongside the Smoky Mountains for over 70 miles. This river has become a popular location for recreational rafting. Approximately 1.5 miles of the Pigeon River sits on Majors Estate and has become a highlight to see for many guests during their stay at the property.

Clyde is also home to multiple historic sites. This town holds The Shook Museum which is located in the Shook-Smathers House that is over two-hundred years old. This home is considered one of the oldest homes in the United States.

Clyde prides itself in the natural beauty and historical landmarks that are located throughout the town. There are so many different places to discover in Clyde, North Carolina. Majors Estate brings you the breathtaking scenery of the wilderness in a historic town that has so much to offer. See how Majors Estate in Clyde, North Carolina can amaze you!

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