Activities Perfect for a Wedding

When choosing an area to hold a wedding, it is important to look at the extra perks that come with the places that are possibilities. One perk that should be considered is what type of activities there are to do for your bridal party, guests, and even you and your significant other.

One of the many perks that Majors Estate has when it comes to hosting your wedding is the multiple activities there are on the property for everyone to enjoy. A few ideas include…

  • Hosting a scavenger hunt in Bar America that is filled with historical features and iconic pop art.

  • Light the outdoor fire pit under the evening stars and roast marshmallows the night before the wedding.

  • Take a moment to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature with picture perfect views from the tree house.

  • Plan a day with your bridal party and greet all of the animals on our property

  • Take a trip for a river retreat down by Pigeon River.

No matter the activity you and your guests partake in, Majors Estate is guaranteed to create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Our estate is the perfect place to have your wedding due to all of the on-site perks! Contact us today to schedule your wedding to partake in all of these unique activities.

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