Unique Wedding Favors

There are so many small details that are involved when planning your wedding. These little details can become so essential to make your wedding day memorable for your guests. Wedding favors are just one of the small features that are important to think about when making plans for your wedding.

When it comes to choosing a wedding favor, it is a great idea to go for a gift that isn’t useless for your guests. Say “thank you” by putting in some thought to your favors. Some examples include homemade hand soaps from a local boutique near your wedding venue. Live plants, such as succulents, tend to be on trend this season. Mini champagne bottles will always be put to use, as well if given as a favor. A small dessert such as a macaron or a donut is also a thoughtful (and a delicious) gift.

All of your guests will be thankful no matter what favor you choose. If you are still unsure about what to give to your guests, go with one of the unique favors described above. Have your guests stay in our cabins and drop off their favors in the rooms they are staying in. This will add yet another unique touch to your memorable day.

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